At InfoSoft Global, we believe that people are our assets and it is they who will ensure our success. We're always in lookout for dynamic, creative and passionate individuals to join our team. We REALLY do not care about your educational qualifications or those dumb sheets of papers (aka "certificates") that you use to prove your skills. If you can think big, innovate and put it into action, we want to hear from you.

If you're a skilled and motivated individual and would like to send us your resume, please email it to [email protected].

At InfoSoft Global, you will:
  •   Work on products/projects that get noticed by 250,000+ developers worldwide
  •   Be part of a working force, that's out to stretch the extremities of the web
  •   Have flexible working hours with plenty of snacks around
  •   Be allowed to come in t-shirts, shorts, and floaters; if that's what you think enhances productivity
  •   Work in a young, casual, and friendly environment
While we're primarily looking for candidates to work on site at our Kolkata office, we are open to recruiting offsite individuals who are passionate about their work and have good communication skills.

Marketing Guru
  • Vacancy code: IGPLIMD08
We're looking for an Internet Marketing Guru to hand over responsibility for the totality of our Internet marketing. The work involves site optimization, submitting to search engines and monitoring it, promoting our products using PR, emails, articles, blogs etc.

  •   Conceive, develop, launch, measure and report on all online advertising activities.
  •   Coordinate the development of advertising campaigns, including concepts and content, based on our requirements and target market.
  •   Submit our products to search engines and use tracking mechanisms to measure performance.
  •   Create reporting methods and provide accurate reports with analysis on campaign results.
  •   Develop creative online marketing campaigns and initiatives to boost the sales of our products.
  •   Use social media like forums, blogs, networking applications, social bookmarking and message boards to promote our products.
  •   Create, implement and manage viral marketing strategies.
  •   Create and manage extensive email marketing campaigns using our in-house databases.
  •   Minimum two years in online marketing.
  •   Digital marketing expertise in SEO, local search, keyword management, email campaigns, and banner advertising.
  •   Deep familiarity with Social Media and Community Websites.
  •   Hands on experience managing, tracking, and optimizing online marketing campaigns and SEO.
  •   Results-oriented, attention to detail, ability to prioritize and meet aggressive deadlines.
  •   Ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced environment.
  •   Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both verbal and written.

Technical Content Writer
  • Vacancy code: IGPLTCDW08
  • Technology: Our Products / Web technologies / Basic graphic editing capabilities
  • Additional knowledge (Plus): HTML / Dreamweaver / RoboHelp / RoboDemo
  • Minimum Experience Required: 2-3 yrs
We're looking for technical content developers, who will be responsible for creating, modifying and updating the content of our websites, product documentation, marketing materials etc. See our documentation for examples of content that we create.

  •   Create and modify documentation pertaining to our products.
  •   Write case studies, PRs, reviews and articles related to our products.
  •   Contribute to our blog.
  •   Write content for our website and marketing materials in conjunction with design teams, as directed.
  •   Excellent grasp over English language. Very essential.
  •   Basic knowledge of web technologies.
  •   Basic graphic designing and editing capabilities.
  •   Ability to learn new software and languages.
  •   Ability to work cross functionally within a team environment.

Flash & Graphics
  • Vacancy code: IGPLFGD08
  • Technology: Flash / Image Editing tools / Dreamweaver / HTML / CSS
We're looking for designers, who will be responsible for all aspects of web & graphic designing, including creating top quality web sites, Flash presentations, interactive movies, CD/DVD ROM presentations, product boxes/brochures, website templates, product logos, banners/kiosks etc.

  •   Design website templates.
  •   Create flash presentations for website and CD/DVD ROM.
  •   Design marketing materials like logos, banners, kiosks, flyers, product boxes etc.
  •   Render graphic templates into HTML.
  •   Design print materials like brochures, book covers, product boxes etc.
  •   Creative eye with a good grasp of current design trends.
  •   Aptitude for redoing things until perfect.
  •   Ability to create designs single handedly and then convert into web pages.

  • Vacancy code: IGPLASD08
  • Technology: Adobe Flash CS3 or 8 / ActionScript 3.0 or 2.0 / Adobe Flex

We're looking for ActionScript Developers savvy at creating complex ActionScript web applications. Responsibilities include creating and maintaining a stream of Flash based products and projects. With your advanced skills in ActionScript and user interface design you will be building Flash components for highly developed Internet sites. You'll interface with the team to define, specify, and design features for our products.

  •   Strong ActionScripting skills (OOPs, XML, Database integration).
  •   Strong Mathematical skills and Computer Graphics concepts.
  •   Working knowledge of other Internet technologies JavaScript, XML etc. as they relate to Flash
  •   Experience in delivering production Adobe Flash applications or interactive content
  •   Strong skills in user interface design
  •   Ability and willingness to communicate effectively both orally and in written form

Web Architect
  • Vacancy code: IGPLWDD08
  • Technology: ASP.NET / PHP / Ruby on Rails / AJAX / Databases / XML
  • Minimum Experience Required: 2-3 yrs
We're looking for techies who are passionate about the way web works and want to stretch its extremities. You would be responsible for creating innovative web applications built around our products and also, maintain our website. You should have a high appetite for experimentation with bleeding edge technologies. Last but not the least, the very idea of "scrapping the last version" to try a completely different methodology should not appear like a waste of time to you.

  •   Jump in joy at the very sight of new web technologies with the "dissection toolkit" in your hand
  •   Innovate and build applications around our products
  •   Dissect existing products to inject our products into them
  •   Provide technical documentation for all the work done
  •   "Enough" experience in programming "real-world" applications using technologies like ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails...
  •   Strong knowledge of databases used on the web, specially designing, normalizing, optimizing etc.
  •   Knowledge of DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML/XSL/XSLT
  •   Good written and oral communication skills
  •   Strong analytical skills and debugging skills
  •   Ability to work individually on a project

  • Vacancy code: IGPLSTD08
  • Technology: Basic idea of web technologies (Server side scripting languages, XML, JavaScript)

We're looking for Software Testers who can help us test our products, both manually and using automated tools. You should have working knowledge of web technologies to be able to link our products with them and test them.

  •   Aptitude for testing software products as per specifications.
  •   Ability to innovate new testing methods.
  •   Working knowledge of web technologies.
  •   Good communication skills - both orally and in written form.